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Max and Friends
In loving memory of Maxie "Max" Horn 1997-2009. Always in our hearts; forever at Matterhorn. Click here to read Max's Obituary.

Maxie Horn,
Greeter and Director of Welcoming Services Max was a lifelong Matterhorn resident and moved up the ranks to become director of welcoming services. He always made sure your furry friends were out saying hello. In 2007, Max opened his own shop, Max’s Place—A Pet Boutique. Max had three sisters, Jessica, Alex, and Moe the Cat, and three brothers, Matthew, Marley and Montana Horn. You might recognize Max from his successful Matterhorn ad campaigns and as the face of Matterhorn on our delivery vasn. Max “gobbled” up the spotlight and was known to pose in stylish black shades. He was the sweetest dog and taught us all how to live, love, and care. He loved Matterhorn and meeting his wonderful fans. Maxie will never be forgotten.




Montana Horn, Greeter
Though Montana rarely leaves Matt Horn’s side, he was often found escorting canine visitors through the Matterhorn tour. Montana studied under Max Horn and has become quite adept at welcoming guests and turning on the charm. He is currently acting as a welcoming mentor to his cousin, Jack Stavisky, and looking forward to serving as a taster for the new gourmet pet treats. Montana goes by two nicknames, Tana and Monty, and likes to play with his brother and cousins in his spare time.




Marley Horn, Greeter
Marley is Montana’s litter mate and has really stirred things up around Matterhorn! Known for his rascal antics, Marley spent two years at Cornell University with Matthew Horn. A star of young Matt’s fraternity house and an avid swimmer in the gorges around Ithaca, Marley likes to hang out in the ponds at Matterhorn and specializes in the shake and wet maneuver. If you see a wet Golden running your way, take cover!



Moe Horn, Watch Cat and Director of Security
Moe has been a member of the Horn family for the past twelve years. After a trial in residence period on the back deck, Moe adopted Ronnie and came to tolerate a great deal of canine companionship! Moe is becoming a major player at Matterhorn. Since the publication of her business card, Moe has garnered a large following of fans hoping to spot her beautiful, shiny black fur as she dashes through the Gardens. Moe is stealthy, but you might hear her bell as she patrols the grounds. Security issues or questions should be reported to Moe.




Jack Stavisky, Greeter
Jack and his brother and litter mate Grady spent many years carpooling to work with their Mommy, Matterhorn's former Director of Special Events, Kristen Stavisky. Jack is an imp and goes by the nickname Whippet in honor of his lightening fast runs through the Matterhorn grounds. Jack is enjoying his studies with Montana has a particular soft spot for his Uncle Matt!





Grady Stavisky, Greeter
Grady and his brother Jack reside in West Nyack with their mommy and daddy and loved going to work at Matterhorn! Grady is a real sweetheart and delights all with his bear like paws and sunny disposition. Currently studying with Marley Horn, Grady loves to meet friends. He is always available to sample the gourmet dog goodies! In his spare time, Grady likes to play with his cousins and chew on bones.

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