Matterhorn Tagline

Over thirty years ago, high school sweethearts Matt Horn and Ronnie Zebrowski fished in the ponds that today run through Matterhorn. “This would make a great Nursery,” Matt said. Matterhorn was just a thought back then, not even a fully formed dream. In 1980, Matt earned a degree in Horticulture and Landscape Architecture from Cornell University. Ronnie earned a Bachelor of Science from the State University of New York at Cortland. That same year, Ronnie and Matt married and moved to Virginia. While reading a trade publication, Matt came across a for sale notice. The property sounded familiar and Matterhorn was born.

For over thirty years, Matt and Ronnie operated Matterhorn Nursery. Originally on 17 acres purchased in 1981, Matterhorn was founded as a family owned and operated wholesale nursery. After transitioning to retail in 1996, Matterhorn displays became more elaborate and eventually came to include the 12 acre Gardens at Matterhorn. Throughout the years, Matterhorn evolved. Shops were added and wares expanded to include just about anything one might need for the home, inside and out. Matterhorn promoted a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle with everything from the organic Matterhorn Lotions and Potions line to quality furniture for the home and garden to seeds and unusual plants to unique gifts and fine New York State wines. Matterhorn grew into an internationally recognized and award-winning garden center, known as a premier destination place for gardening enthusiasts. Visitors came from all across the country and abroad to see Matterhorn. Modeled after the European Garden Center, Matterhorn featured a main street of shops and acres of plant material. Matterhorn became a destination place for families to learn about gardening and to become
inspired to create their own landscapes. Since 1981, Matt and Ronnie have worked side by side learning, growing, and sharing their knowledge and expertise with their customers and their employees.


Matterhorn Associates
227 Summit Park Road
Spring Valley, NY 10977
Tel: 845 262 1149

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